Promer V1.5 Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Heya! Welcome to Pro Templates Today on this occasion I am going to share Promer V1.5 Premium Blogger Template Free Download.

If you run a business and want to build a website that will showcase your business all over the globe in a straightforward method, you can accomplish it quickly using Promer Blogger theme.

It doesn’t require any programming expertise to handle this Promer template. There are a lot of options for customization which you can achieve. Each feature can be customized with just one or two clicks.

It’s very compatible. It is highly compatible with AdSense and other essential platforms for monetization. It supports banners to display advertisements and also shows sponsored ads without breaking the theme’s structure.

Promer template can be used with different sizes of screens on your users using other devices. You are offering a pleasant experience on your website and promoting a return visit to your site.

To help users to comprehend the capabilities and the features Promer blogger theme offers you, we’ve created a sample page you can view by clicking on the link below.

Template Information

Template NamePromer
Published on July 3, 2022
Last updated onJan 2023
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Promer Blogger theme is a quick, flexible, versatile, and stylish Blogger template. It comes with a variety of premium features that will improve the look of your site and perform professionally. These features include Dark mode, preloading with advanced features that are responsive and SEO optimized, numerous ad cookies, cookie consents, etc.

It comes with a variety of premium features that will improve the look of your website and function professionally. A few of these are the dark mode, advanced preloading responsive SEO optimized, multiple ads cookies, cookie consents, etc.

Promer can adapt to the requirements of your project. This means it can be used in various categories, like blogs, news, and magazine photography, as well as personal pages for culture videos, music, fashion, business games, etc.

In terms of compatibility, it’s completely compatible with all types of browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more. Promer V1.5 offers excellent classification results.

Promer includes SEO-optimized code that helps place the website’s website high across all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more, and also compressed codes to speed up site loading.


  1. You don’t need any coding knowledge to customize this theme,  It is very easy to customize everything from the layout section
  2. Validated Structured Data
  3. Auto Table of Contents
  4. Multiple ADS positions
  5. Contact floating button
  6. Multiple comment system
  7. 100% responsive
  8. SEO Optimized
  9. Easy customization
  10. Dark Mode
  11. Embed video and image in comments via links.
  12. Facebook comments
  13. Disqus comments
  14. Footer Menu
  15. Cookie Consent
  16. Multi Level Dropdown Menu
  17. Featured Posts
  18. Recent Posts Per Label
  19. Search Box
  20. Breadcrumbs
  21. Button styles
  22. Alert Boxes and Code boxes
  23. Short codes ready for buttons and other UI elements
  24. Back To Top
  25. AdSense friendly and User friendly;
  26. Can customize everything easily from Layout
  27. Fast loading
  28. Social media share buttons
  29. SEO Friendly
  30. Mobile Friendly

Download & Demo

Click on the Download button and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Template XML file, Click on the Demo button to watch a Demo of the Template

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