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Heya! Welcome to Pro Templates Today on this occasion I am going to share NineStream Premium Blogger Template.

If you are looking for a template for your Movie film, Comics, Anime, or any Gaming-related site. You are at the right place; KumaStream Anime Blogger Template will be the perfect match for your site.

KumaStream Blogger Template is specially designed for Anime, Movie, film, anime, or gaming-related sites and has very well optimized speed and SEO.

This theme is slick and clean, and a stunning UX/UI makes visitors feel more comfortable and longer watching. They are packed with standard features to create your dream anime streaming site.

This theme uses a uni post system which means all episodes are listed in one post. This differs from the multi-post system, which separates post series and episodes.

Creating a streaming template is not easy. The process is complicated. It requires funds, effort, and thought. If you think this theme deserves support, please send your help by purchasing a license for this theme.

The primary function of this template is to stream the results of your own or someone else’s translation. If the source of the video is from a fansub, it is mandatory to include the credit.

Template Information

Template NameNineStream
Published on 2022
Last updated onJuly 2022
DeveloperEmission Hex
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NineStream Blogger Anime templates is a unique comic theme for the blogger platform. As the name implies, this theme is specifically made for bloggers who like to share comics, movies, and gaming content but don’t get me wrong; this NineStream Anime template can also be helpful for Novels related sites.

Later it will be explained what label is used for the novel. However, for fanshare, it still can’t be used, and it needs a tag adjustment.


  1. You don’t need any coding knowledge to customize this theme,  It very easy to customize everything from layout section
  2. One of the Best template for Anime, Movies and Video related websites
  3. Mobile friendly, Responsive and Fast loading
  4. Inbuilt Bookmark feature 
  5. Changelog feature 
  6. Slide Show Homepage
  7. Anime Info Auto Index by Label
  8. Related Episode Series
  9. Grid style & List Style (switch button)
  10. Related blog/article widget
  11. Dark Mode feature 
  12. Inbuilt Article Rating Feature 
  13. Custom Footer
  14. Following Previous Episode (auto by label)
  15. Designed specially for Movie and comics sites
  16. AdSense friendly and User friendly 
  17. Can customize everything easily from Layout
  18. Fully Customizable 
  19. Fast loading
  20. Social media share buttons
  21. Ads slots
  22. SEO Friendly 
  23. Mobile Friendly
  24. Custom 404 page
  25. Fully Responsive 

Download & Demo

Click on the Download button and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Template XML file, Click on the Demo button to watch a Demo of the Template

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